“Income may feed people’s stomachs, but assets change their heads.”

Michael Sherraden

To ensure a decent lifestyle and prevent downward mobility (in which families fall behind to a lower quality of life as the years go by), assets are not optional. ASSETS  ARE COMPULSORY!

By assets, we mean ownership stakes in income producing assets yielding real (above inflation) returns.


Many believe their kids should not go without the best education – maybe so. But if there is anything no living human being should be without, it is income producing assets that yield real returns (i.e. above the relevant inflation rate). Pseudo assets like personal residences, cars and furniture don’t count in this regard.

There are a couple of challenges arising from the foregoing assertion

  • The first is that too many people believe that academic/trade education is the most important need – academic type education while good, is at best, a necessary need, but not sufficient.
  • The second is that, for most folks, there is no easy access to the right tools and vehicles. If you can think of financial goals as simply an origin and a destination, this becomes clearer. Conventional banking and insurance products are not designed to help you stay ahead of inflation. Investments in the right publicly quoted shares/stocks (there are only few) could help you break even or stay slightly ahead – the tools and vehicles that enable you consistently beat inflation are simply not readily available nor accessible to over 90% of the population.

If you are determined to build an asset base around income producing properties, FAL will work with you to put you in the right vehicle(s).