The family is the foundation of society, consisting of a group of individuals with a continuing emotional, legal and most likely, a genetic relationship. It is the family’s responsibility to protect and provide economically for its vulnerable members – especially dependent children and the elderly.

familyMoney and finances play a major role in the family’s ability to provide for the various needs of its members – psychological, emotional, economic. When money and finances are not properly handled, the family suffers. For example

  • Rich (even billionaire!) kids may commit suicide because of depression
  • Struggling middle class kids may be forced into downward mobility due to sudden unemployment, critical illness, disability or death of one (or both) parents

FAL works with you to plan for the unexpected – as well as reduce money’s potential tyranny on the family.

Working parents should not have to choose between career advancement and spending time with their spouses and kids – if you have experienced that choice, you should put a plan in place to prevent your kids from having to go through the same pain. Many parents have spent their prime years (especially when their kids needed them most) working 70 hour weeks only to be laid off in their middle age years – when they least expected. They lose the career and also miss out on a healthy relationship with their kids.

Breaking free of money’s hold – whether from the surplus or deficit perspective – requires a well though out, long-term plan. FAL will work with you to develop a plan that yields results as well as provide all the required tools.