Group vs Individual

group vs individualFor working families that depend on wages, salaries or self-employment to pay their bills – as individuals, they are almost always forced to sell wholesale and buy retail. Wholesale markets are characterized by thin profit margins and cutthroat competition.

The law firm that bills clients N50,000 per hour but pays its lawyers N5,000 per hour (or much less) is buying wholesale (from its workers) and selling retail to its clients – this is how to get ahead financially.

As individuals, working families sell their services (usually labour and time in exchange for a full time job) at wholesale rates but buy everything else (accommodation, financial services, food, travel, entertainment, etc) at retail rates – little wonder most working families are condemned to a life of perpetual financial struggle and insecurity.

The Upward Mobility Service gives working families a chance to buy wholesale (as a group, instead of individually) and sell retail in various areas of their lives – in that way, they have a credible pathway to upward mobility and reduced family income insecurity.