High Net Worth Families

These families constitute the wealthiest segment of any society. They are very comfortable financially and are much more likely to be concerned with a legacy.

high net worth familiesFAL works with these families  - in conjunction with some of the best global experts available in family business consulting – to mentor the next generation.

Fundamentally, FAL is focused on helping these families glean best global practices used by some of the wealthiest families in the world to maintain family wealth over hundreds of years. This will cover the sibling generation (first) to the cousin (second and subsequent) generations.

More often than not, events for these families will be held in North American locations, and attendees will have opportunities to rub minds with some of the most experienced family business consultants in the world.

For the few families in this group, whose wealth is derived from family members (e.g. government contractors) and not income producing assets, FAL will work with these families to transition them (through a structured medium-term process) to wealth anchored on income producing assets.