Medium Net Worth Families

These families have usually attained a significant measure of financial independence – usually anchored on a family business, a successful professional practice (e.g. legal, accounting) or even as government or private contractors.

medium net worth
FAL works with these families to create additional income streams – independent of the main income stream (family business, professional practice, contracts etc) – that reduce the family’s economic reliance on any one member. The end goal is that the family’s well being and living standards are not dependent on family members – but rather, on income producing assets owned by the family independent of income from any member(s) of the family.

For example, if the family head is a successful lawyer, the goal would be to gradually transition the family from sole dependence on income from the law practice, to yields on other (income producing) assets sufficient to maintain its standard of living – diversification.

Diversification is not only across different economic sectors in the local economy, but geographically across the globe as well. This reduces the family’s downside exposure to country risks of political instability, civil unrest, government expropriation and similar challenges.