What FAL Does


FAL‘s purpose is to work with you to ensure your family’s security and stability. Different families have different needs.

In some families, the income available is insufficient to make ends meet – FAL will work with such families to put in place a long-term plan that corrects the problem and sets future generations on the path of financial independence.

what fal doesIn some families, there is more than enough to go round as well as spare – that becomes the problem. The family members become so engrossed in scheming and fighting for a larger piece of the pie that the family is torn apart. FAL will work with such families to put structures in place that minimize intra-family friction.

FAL has different services and solutions for different families – based on each family’s unique needs. Our services are tailored to 3 broad classifications:

  • Working Families – usually low net worth
  • Medium Net Worth Families
  • High Net Worth Families