Working Families

We work with working working families to address 2 core challenges that negatively impact wage earners and self-employed folks. These 2 challenges, when correctly addressed by a working family, will set it on the path of financial independence; if left unaddressed, the family will always be vulnerable to unemployment, financial struggle and overall frustration.

  1. Ignorance
  2. Access to Upward Mobility Vehicles


Specifically with respect to money matters – this afflicts a broad cross-section of the population (employees and executives in the various economic sectors – banking, oil & gas, telecommunications, academics i.e. professors and PhD holders, etc). Most of the victims don’t know it’s a problem, and are therefore not actively seeking a solution. Since almost everyone is in the same boat of expenses always rising faster than income, there is a comfort factor in knowing the pain is almost universal.

The root of this problem is a focus on jobs as the end – rather than as a means to an end. The end (or goal) should be a focus on ownership (whole or fractional) of income producing assets yielding returns above the rate of inflation. Note that the official (government) inflation number (rate) is not the best yardstick – use your family budget year on year (e.g. 2011 vs 2010) to get the best measure.

working families

Many wrongly address this problem by acquiring more academic degrees – whether locally or offshore. This does not solve the problem – they will always need an employer to survive financially. It may seem okay to pursue the path of seeking jobs, and then better jobs – as long as employers are creating the desired jobs faster than competitors (fellow workers and MBA/PhD seekers) are acquiring qualifications. These days though, it is easier (even if at great economic and other opportunity costs) to acquire academic degrees and other professional qualifications/certifications than it is to find the matching jobs. So, the hunt for the perfect job remains a perpetual mirage!

So, if you take away only one idea from this, it should be the assurance that jobs should never be the end or ultimate goal, but rather a means to an end.

FAL addresses the core challenge of ignorance through our various educational events, newsletters, videos and other resources.

Access to Upward Mobility Vehicles

By upward mobility, we mean that – all other things being equal – working families should face less financial stress as the years go by. In real life though, most wage earners tend to face more financial pressure as the years go by. Upward mobility could therefore be defined simply as the ability to expand your means, independently of your wage, salary or self-employed income.

For the few that recognize the limitations of income from personal labour (wages, salaries and self-employment earnings), there are significant barriers to upward mobility. This is because conventional financial products – bank deposits, insurance, bonds don’t even keep pace with inflation (not to talk of outpacing it). A select few common shares/stocks (please note that not all publicly quoted companies create value for shareholders) could potentially help working families keep pace with inflation (and sometimes outpace inflation).

This core challenge is addressed by our (subscription-based) Upward Mobility Service.