Upward Mobility Service

This service is, in many respects, very similar to wholesale warehouse clubs. Members pay an annual membership fee, and through the club, are given access to wholesale prices. It is also comparable to a cooperative society – but capable of doing much more for subscribers than most cooperatives currently offer.

upward mobility serviceFor working families, the easiest way to create wealth is to do so on the same terms as the wealthiest folks. As simple as that sounds, there are many barriers in place for working families. Many don’t have access to the gathering places of the wealthy (exclusive country clubs for example); and the few with access usually don’t have the quantum of money required to participate in the most lucrative opportunities.

To appreciate some of the challenges of working families, read our Group vs Individual as well as Wholesale vs Retail pages.

The Upward Mobility Service is the next best thing – for working families. You may not be able to join the clubs of the rich, but when you join forces with others (for example, another 1,000 working families), your combined resources can open doors for the group that would be otherwise closed to individual members.